Mganga Doctor Omwenga

The Grand Witch Doctor Omwenga With Great Powers

I have been practising witchcraft and sorcery for almost two decades now, and I have been able to help thousands of people with my powers. I have different methods to solve different cases, and when needed, I customize as per your wishes or needs. Results speak for themselves as I have had customers recommending our services.

Dr Omwenga

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Dr Omwenga has great powers to sought all your needs. He is the Grand Witch Doctor, No other witch can challenge him. His powers never fail, With a wide variety of services there is definitely a solution for you


These are some of the services I offer. For any other problem reach out to me and I will help you. Your hearts desire is one call away from being a reality

Get That Lover

Get Back At Someone

Rings of luck and protection

Stop Pregnancies

Get Protection from evil

Bring back lost item or person

Job promotions and protection

Marriage and Divorce problems

Land wrangles

Relationship problems

Win Court cases




I was looking for work and one day I bumped into Omwenga and i explained my situation and he promised to a spell that worked. I am proof of his work



My marriage was failing and i wanted it to work. Long story short,after talking with Omwenga right now my marriage is a happy one. Thank you



Wanted to marry and my girlfriend then (my wife now) wanted to end things. I did not want to loose her and luck was on my side I saw a post by Omwenga and i immediately called him and he worked his magic that worked instantly

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The results may vary from person to person. You must be 18 + years of age to request for my services, also note that my services are based on African traditional healing and psychic-abilities, they are not intended to replace medical or legal advice which should always be sought from a qualified professional.